Simon is a big yearling

Simon stands to be tied and picks out all four feet. He loves to be brushed. He lunges both ways walk/trot/canter. He has been lunged with a surcingle around and over obstacles and has been doing very well. This handsome and intelligent gelding will make someone a nice riding horse when he is older!

7/3/12 CT

Simon – BIG personality

Would you like to spend the next 25 years laughing at your horse? Simon is your man. He oozes personality. He’s hilarious. He put his nose in every other picture I took. When that didn’t work he went off and entertained himself with the jolly ball and waited for us to look at him and laugh. Also, he’s HUGE! Well balanced, well proportioned, he will just be a big handsome guy when he’s done growing. All sweetness though. He’s a grade QH too.

Great excitement about the new baby herd member

There was quite a bit of excitement when Ace joined the herd.

Baby candids!

Here are a few extra photos from our photo shoot August 14th. Can you spot your favorites?


These aren’t Simon’s best pics ever, but he’s a good, sweet boy who is very agreeable to being handled and photographed!